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September 2022 Minutes

KACSO Executive Board Meeting

September 15, 2022

Call to Order

Present-Stephanie Spring, 27th (President),Tom Weisharr, 1st(Vice President), Kelsey Cox, 27th (Membership and Nominations), Julie Marler, 28th (Public Relations), Charly Pegg 18th (Training), Kevin Waring, 10th (Legislative Chair) Amanda Lovell, 30th (Secretary), Brian Swenson, 28th (Parliamentarian), Julie Whitney, 5th (Treasurer), Chris Esquibel, 29th (Sitting Past President), Steve Kearney & Jeff Wagaman (Kearney and Associates)

· Reading and Review of August 2022 Minutes.

· Charly Pegg moved to approve minutes as corrected. Kelsey Cox seconded the motion. All in favor, motion approved.

Treasurer Report

· Motions handled via email between meetings included-

· Charly Pegg moved to approve reimbursement to Kelsey Cox for materials associated with membership ballots for 2022 KACSO Board Election. Kevin Waring seconded the motion. Motion Carried.

· Charly Pegg moved to approve the purchase of $750.00 worth of KACSO Materials for both giveaways and things to sell at conference. Amanda Lovell seconded the motion. Motion approved.

· August Report Balance of $75,214.52.

· Has not heard any more from IRS in regards to penalty.

· Has been in contact with accountant in regards to taxes, plans to get up to date on QuickBooks for approximate costs to be $1000-$1600, or $400-$600 for 2022, with an ongoing expense of $50.00/$100.00 month. Will provide for more information for a decision later.

· Amanda Lovell moved to approve Treasurers report, Kelsey Cox seconded the motion. All in favor, motion approved

Legislative Report

· Kevin met with Kearney and Associates to prepare for Legislative Session

· Emailed membership to provide an opportunity to submit questions and concerns to him for the upcoming legislative sessions.

· Prepares to discuss some possible upcoming concerns for the next legislative sessions.

· Two new members joined the legislative committee.

· Corrections and Juvenile Committees meet in November, Kevin plans to attend.

· Dual Supervision-working on MOU.

· Jeff-with Kearney and Associates provided an update on recent and upcoming changes.

-Discussed possible changes in Committee chairs, and Speaker of the House, Majority Leader and Speaker Pro Tem.

-Discussed recommendations from Sentencing Commission and possible changes that could affect probation.

· Pease contact Kearney and Associates what they can do for us. Will continue to monitor and advocate for our interests.

OJA Report

· Working on Training dates

· Trying to add some more dates for Motivational Interviewing.

· Refresher for WRNA and LSCMI to maintain certification if they have not done an assessment in 6 months.

· Looking at training on trauma informed for all branch employees and vicarious trauma as well.

Training Report

· Agreed to pay for AV fees as a conference expense-approx $900.00

· Julie Marler provided list of vendors.

· Plans to update handout and books.

· Will provide QR Codes so that people can scan the booklet.

· Tall Cop Session-will send an email to the Chief’s to let them know who made registration

· Will announce at Welcome to remind people to attend sessions registered for.

· Will do stars on the back of certificates for giveaways. (6 total giveaways)

· Raffles-Thursday evening for all drawings. Don’t have to be present to win.

· Doing 50/50-KACSO Basket, Norwex Basket, Kan Jam Game, Leather Holsters for Concealed Carry/With a Shooting Sessions-Please send possible items to board in advance if possible.

· Tom Weisharr needs a spreadsheet of all names for October 5, 2022 for nametags.

· Plans to send an email to Chiefs to remind of meeting, needs to know who from OJA who is planning to attend.

· Tom to finalize Color Guard

· Stephanie to send an email about parking after registration is completed.

· Plan to ask people at registration if they are not staying at the hotel and see if they are going to eat so that we can pay.

Site Selection

· Fall 2022-October 19-21 Drury Inn, Wichita

· Spring 2023-April 19-21 Hilton Garden Inn Manhattan (Contract Signed)

· Spring-Signed overflow contact for Holiday Inn Express for an additional 30 rooms, will try to book an additional 30.

· Fall 2023 October 18-20 Prairie Band Casino Mayetta (Contract Signed)

· Spring 2024-April 10-12 Drury Inn, Wichita (Contract Signed)

· Fall 2024-October 23-25, Mayetta-Tentative Dates, waiting for contract.

· Spring 2025 April 9-11, Manhattan-Awaiting Contract.

· Fall 2025-Mulvane-Penciled in dates, waiting for contract.

Public Relations

· Julie to make an announcement on Facebook in regards to Conference and Raffle Tickets.

· Provided list of Vendors, will have $400.00+ in sponsorship money.

Membership & Nominations

· Will notify members once deadline has past and ballots counted.

· Officer to be sworn in at Conference if Judge is available or in home district after Conference.

Old Business

· Has 210 tickets reserved. Will bring Raffle Tickets to conference

· Plans to vote on bylaws at business meeting.

· Conference Giveaway-discussed bento boxes, and metal koozies, power bands, will send an email and vote via email. (Voted via email after meeting-decided on metal koozies)

New Business

· Cash App or Wild Apricot-will research further. Hope to announce an electronic option for payments.




· Bills submitted for mileage for Stephanie and Amanda.

· KACSO Conference Meeting-Tuesday @ 2:00 p.m. October 18, 2:00 p.m.

Kelsey Cox moves to pay bills as submitted. Brian Swenson seconded the motion. Motion approved.

Charly Pegg moved to adjourn and Julie Marler seconded. All in favor, meeting adjourned.


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