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January 2023 Minutes

KACSO Executive Board Meeting

January 19, 2023

Call to Order

Stephanie Springer, 27th (President) Tom Weishaar, 1st (Vice President) Julie Whitney, 5th (Treasurer), Kelsey Cox, 27th (Membership and Nominations), Charly Pegg 18th (Training) Kevin Waring, 10th (Legislative Chair) Amanda Lovell 30th (Secretary), Chris Esquibel, 29th (Sitting Past President), Steve (Kearney and Associates) Julie Marler 28th (Public Relations)

Officers Reports

· Stephanie Springer called meeting to order.

· Reading & Review of November 2022 minutes. Kelsey moves to approve. Chris seconded.

· All in favor, motion passed.

Training Report

· Open presenter for Spring Conference. Considering Detective Relph “BTK”, or Paul Long

· Working on contracts for upcoming conference.

· Charly Pegg is stepping down as Training Chair.

· Kelsey will get book from Charly and she plans to send documents electronically to new Training Chair.

· Plan to make sure rooms are available at Hotel for speaker and not at extra hotel.

Site Selection-

· Spring 2023 April 12-14 Hilton Garden Inn Manhattan- (Contract Signed)- overflow with Holiday Inn Express (NEW contract signed).

· Fall 2023 October 18-20 Prairie Band Casino Mayetta- (Contract Signed)

· Spring 2024 April 10-12 Drury Inn, Wichita (Contract signed)

· Fall 2024 October 23-25 Mayetta (waiting on countersigned copy)

· Spring 2025 April 9-11 Manhattan (waiting on countersigned copy)

· Fall 25- Mulvane?

Treasurer’s Report

· $69, 903.39-Ending Balance as of December of 2022.

· December 2022-Rev. Misc. the voided check from a raffle check never cashed.

· Charly motioned to approve Treasurer’s Report, Kelsey Cox Seconded the motion, report approved.

· Audit-Ruth and Kelly and Julie are working on the audit and it is in progress.

Legislative Report

· Legislature is in session.

· Committee has met, is engaged and working well.

· Lots of bills being introduced. Working with Steve to monitor changes.

· Legislature are receptive to Juvenile Justice Changes.

· Bills with Criminal History, SB123 expansion, Felony Theft thresholds.

· Believes that KACSO will be involved with testimony down the road to provide input on upcoming changes.

Public Relations

· Working on Vendors for Spring Conference.

Membership and Nominations Report

· Revising Award forms will send out mid-February.

· Will send out new request for letters of interest for Training Chair position.

OJA Report

· Nothing to Report.

Old Business

· Raffle-have 184 tickets left to sell.

· Need to put a deadline on tickets for February 10, 2023. KACSO Swag for Spring Conference, will consider costs once VIP event is finalized.

· Discussed VIP night.

· IRS Letter update-it is still in review.

· Survey Monkey Results-Will discuss a process moving forward so the board can establish a protocol of how to handle it.

New Business

· Will have a vacancy of Training Chair, effective February 3, 2023.

· Kelsey will send letter to Julie to send out to membership. Letters of Interest to be turned in by January 27, 2023.

· Board to review letters of intent and vote on Friday, January 27, 2023


· Retirement Visa Cards were sent to Vernice Coy and Ray Blevins at the end of December.


· The CNA Surety bond of $250.00 has been paid, it was due December 21, 2022

· Quicken Membership was renewed. July Whitney asked for reimbursement. Charly Pegg moved to reimburse July Whitney, Kelsey Cox Seconded the motion, motion passed.

Next Meeting

· Next meeting February 16, 2023. Stephanie to let everyone know in advance if it will be in person in Manhattan or via Zoom.

· Brian Swenson moved to adjourn meeting, Kevin Waring seconded the motion, meeting adjourned.


Amanda N. Lovell KACSO Secretary


Stephanie Springer KACSO President


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