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June 2023 Minutes

June 15, 2023 10am via Zoom

Call to Order

Present-Stephanie Springer, 27th (President) Tom Weishaar, 1st (Vice President) Kelsey Cox, 27th (Membership and Nominations, Travis Lahann (Interim Training), Kevin Waring, 10th (Legislative Chair) Amanda Lovell 30th (Secretary), Spence Koehn (OJA), Julie Whitney, 5th (Treasurer). Abe Pfannenstiel, Steve Kearney (Kearney and Associates) Chris Esquibel 29th (Past President).

Officers Reports

· Stephanie Springer called meeting to order.

· Reading & Review of May 2023.

· Julie Whitney moved to approve minutes as corrected. Travis Lahann seconded the motion. All in favor, motion approved.

Treasurers Report

· May Treasurers report was submitted, ending balance $96,407.25

· The money was paid to IRS and reimbursed by CPA agency.

· Kevin Waring moved to approve report. Amanda Lovell Seconded. All in favor, motion approved.


· Training Committee meeting on July 10, 2023.

· Working on Training for Fall Conference.

· An opening speaker has been confirmed.

· SASSI Training will be reimbursed by OJA. Plans to Cap training.

Site Selection-

· Fall 2023 October 18-20 Prairie Band Casino Mayetta-Contract Signed.

· Spring 2024 April 10-12 Drury Inn, Wichita (Contract Signed)

· Fall 2024 October 23-25 Mayetta (waiting on countersigned copy)

· Spring 2025 April 9-11 Manhattan (Contract Signed)

· Fall 2025- Mulvane, Lawrence, Kansas City Area? October 22-24.

Legislative Report-

· Legislative wrap up completed by Kearney and Associates.

· OJA has legislative update meeting next week.

· Questions have been submitted by legislative committee.

· Plan to tour capital and OJA for legislative committee and KACSO board this fall.

· Will be sending a request for proposals for next years session.

· MOU for dual supervision bill is in the final stages, and then plans to do a training calendar with hopes to roll it out by end of the year.

· Discussed hoping to bring back an in person legislative update.

· A list of interim committees to start this fall-a list of committees was provided by Kearney and Associates.

· Approved a signing proclamation for Probation and Parole week for June 28, 2023 @ 10:30.

Public Relations

· Stephanie Spring provided an update. Plans to attend letters for venders on June 26, 2023.

Membership and Nominations Report

· Received letters of intent for interim Parliamentarian.

· Plans to send reminders of positions up for re-election in the fall, as well as reminders for nominations for awards.

· Reviewed letters of intent, and voted for the Interim Parliamentarian.

· Willie Williams 29th, was selected for the Interim Parliamentarian.

· Chris Esquibel abstained from the vote due to one of the applicants being in his district.

OJA Report

· None

Old Business

· Fundraising committee meeting has been scheduled. Will have more of an update at next meeting.

· Stephanie to Discuss standing rules in regards to conference refunds with new Parliamentarian.

New Business

· None


· None

Next Meeting

July 20, 2023 @ 10:00 a.m.


· Julie Whitney moved to adjourn, Kelsey Cox seconded. Meeting adjourned.


Amanda N. Lovell, Secretary


Stephanie Springer, President


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