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February 2023 Minutes


Executive Board Meeting

February 16, 2023

Call to Order

Stephanie Springer, 27th (President) Tom Weishaar, 1st (Vice President) Julie Whitney, 5th (Treasurer), Kelsey Cox, 27th (Membership and Nominations), Travis Lahann 27th (Training) Kevin Waring, 10th (Legislative Chair) Amanda Lovell 30th (Secretary), Steve Kearney (Kearney and Associates) Julie Marler 28th (Public Relations), Spence Koehn, OJA. Chris Esquibel 29th (Past President)

Officers Reports

· Stephanie Springer called meeting to order.

· Reading & Review of January 2023 minutes and Special Meeting Minutes. Changes made. Kelsey moves to approve. Julie W. seconded.

· All in favor, motion passed.

Training Report

· Still finalizing all contracts for Manhattan Conference.

· Open presenter for Spring Conference. Confirmed Detective Relph “BTK”.

· Still waiting on all contracts to finalize registration. Plans to have to board for review on 2/21/23, with plans to send to membership on 02/22/23 with a deadline for registration on 03/12/23.

Site Selection-

· Spring 2023 April 12-14 Hilton Garden Inn Manhattan- (Contract Signed)- overflow with Holiday Inn Express (NEW contract signed).

· Fall 2023 October 18-20 Prairie Band Casino Mayetta- (Contract Signed)

· Spring 2024 April 10-12 Drury Inn, Wichita (Contract signed)

· Fall 2024 October 23-25 Mayetta (Contract Signed, waiting for countersigned copy)

· Spring 2025 April 9-11 Manhattan (Contract Signed))

· Fall 25- Mulvane?

Treasurer’s Report

· $93,075.12-Ending Balance as of January 2023.

· Stephanie moved to approve and Brian seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Legislative Report

· Several bills have been introduced. A lot of bills to track.

· Adult Supervision, Juvenile Justice Reform, Expansion of SB123, Several Marijuana bills being introduced. Criminalizing Drug Masking, HB2295-following with concerns and questions if it moves forward as it could have an effect on supervision officers. Will be following the deadline for bills to see which one’s move forward.

Public Relations

· Update on Vendors-has 12 vendors confirmed with $400.00 in sponsor donations at this time.

· Working on some vendor ideas and need to know if they are going to be in a vendor room and/or being in the hallway.

· Update Website to be completed once the conference book and registration is ready to be added.

Membership and Nominations Report

· Awards and Nomination letters was sent out. Due by March 7, 2023.

· Nominations at Spring for President, Public Relations, Parliamentarian, Training and Treasurers. for Fall Ballot.

· Some membership fees have not been paid.

OJA Report

· MOU for dual supervision is awaiting signatures, should be finalized soon.

· Will discuss training after once MOU is finalized.

· Next Go Live Date is March 6, 2023.

Old Business

· Raffle-have 734 tickets paid for. 50 tickets not sold at this time.

· VIP event-approx. 135 qualify. Cost Est. $2,800.00

· Opted not to do a conference giveaway this conference.

· Tom is still working on Flag Ceremony for conference, and nametags for conference.

· Electronic Payment options-no update.

· Site Visit rescheduled to Tuesday, February 28, 2023 @ 10:00 a.m..

· Open Meetings-will announce at conference that a schedule and zoom link will be provided to members.

New Business

· Fundraising/event planning committee. Will discuss logistics moving forward.

· Retirement-reviewed upcoming retirements for gifts and congratulations.

· Stephanie to email Chiefs for a list of recent retirements.


· None


· None

Next Meeting

· Next meeting February 28, 2023 at Hilton Garden Inn.

· Kelsey moved to adjourn meeting, Julie W. seconded the motion, meeting adjourned.


Amanda N. Lovell KACSO Secretary


Stephanie Springer KACSO President


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