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August 2022 Minutes

KACSO Executive Board Meeting

August 18, 2022, Drury Inn, Wichita, KS

Call to Order

Present-Stephanie Springer, 27th (President) Tom Weisharr, 1st (Vice President) Kelsey Cox, 27th (Membership and Nominations), Julie Marler, 28th (Public Relations), Charly Pegg 18th (Training), Kevin Waring, 10th (Legislative Chair) Amanda Lovell 30th (Secretary) Brian Swenson, 28th (Parliamentarian)

Via Zoom-Chris Esquibel, 29th (Sitting Past President) Julie Whitney, 5th (Treasurer), Steve & Jeff & Abraham (Kearney and Associates), Spence Koehn (OJA).

Officers Reports

· Stephanie Springer called meeting to order.

· Reading & Review of June 2022 minutes.

· Charly Pegg moved to approve minutes as corrected. Kevin Waring seconded the motion. All in favor, motion approved.

Training Report

· Charly Pegg-Discussed rooms for KACSO members and training presenters.

· KHP-Presentation of Colors

· OJA/Court Administrator Welcome

· Discussed checking with local Judges for swearing in of officers or officers will be sworn in by own District Judge.

· Discussed details for rooms, locations of training, etc.

· Discussed 50/50 raffle, perhaps have prizes-donations for a raffle ticket for VIP room. Item Raffle.

· Discussed possible conference freebie

Site Selection-

· Fall 2022- October 19-21 Drury Inn, Wichita

· Spring 2023-April 19-21 Hilton Garden Inn Manhattan (Contract Signed)

· Fall 2023 October 18-20 Prairie Band Casino Mayetta (Contract Signed)

· Spring 2024-April 10-12 Drury Inn, Wichita (Contract Signed)

· Fall 2024 October 23-25 Mayetta-Tentative Dates, waiting for contract.

· Spring 2025 April 9-11 Manhattan-Awaiting Contract.

· Fall 2025-Mulvane-Possible location

Treasurer’s Report

· Julie-tax penalty, Rachel Bright will speak to IRS to get penalty removed once power of attorney paperwork is signed.

· Tom Weisharr moves to motion to allow Hood & Associates CPA permission to become Power of Attorney to communicate with IRS to get tax penalty removed. Kearney and Associates can help in future if need be.

· Kelsey Cox moves to approve treasurers report, Brian Swenson seconded the motion. All in favor, motion approved.

Legislative Report

· Tentative Date for Nov. 3rd for Legislative Committee Meeting in person at OJA @ 10:00 a.m. To plan focus for next legislative session. With a possible zoom option for those who cannot travel.

· SB408 meetings with OJA to develop MOU with dual supervision between criminal justice agencies.

· Working with Kearney and Associates for an in-person meeting with Legislative Chair.

· Annual Workshop with Sentencing Commission in September 7-8, will be monitoring.

· Joint Committee with Corrections Oversight-plans to meet in November.

· Reported of changes in upcoming legislative members, will change some committee members.

Public Relations

· Registration will be added to website

· Discussed with Chris for Website.

· Email Registrations going out today with letters of intent.

Membership and Nominations Report

· Ballots going out today.

OJA Report

· Nothing to report.

Old Business

· Article 4 Section 3-Changing Ballot to be electronic verses by mail so that voting can be done electronically.

· Will send out changes to by-laws.

New Business

· Brian Swenson updated standing rules.

· Raffle -Paper tickets or Electronic Raffle Will do Physical Tickets. Do Cash vs. Gun Raffle.

· Will discuss with Steve for VENMO or some other type of cash app to purchase tickets.


· None


· None

Next Meeting

· September 15th 10:00 am. Via zoom.


· Kelsey Cox moved to adjourn the meeting. Julie Marler-2nd. All in Favor, motion approved.

Site Selection Notes -

Food and Beverage with Corporate Caterers-Dee Loomis

Need numbers 10 days in advance. Let Dee know what rooms need table clothes.

Coffee Chief’s Meeting Wednesday Morning-Coffee and Water at 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 20-25

Water for afternoon session. Approx: 120

Dinner Wednesday-6:30-7:30 Buffett with cash bar from 6:30-7:30

Sautéed Chicken/Beef Brisket with Creamed Potatoes and Green Beans with Salad and Rolls, half cheese cake half pies

Thursday-Coffee and Water from 8:30-12:00

Afternoon- Cookies/Brownies change coffee to tea.

Lunch Thursday 12:00-1:30

Taco Bar,

Hotel includes-Breakfast, and Happy Hour.

(Can include breakfast and happy hour tickets for guests not staying)




Breakfast tickets-$9.99 will ask at Checkin and give numbers to hotel


Kickback Tickets-cannot purchase kickback tickets.

Parking -non-guests can park in parking garage. Day time events can park in parking garage.


Checked room sound system for Curtis the Mentalist.

Numbers for specific room assisgnments-14 days prior to conference.


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