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November 2019 Minutes


November 21, 2019 at 10:00

Lyon County Courthouse

430 Commercial St.

Emporia, KS 66801


  • Chris Esquibel, 29th (President), Kelly Johnson, 4th (Treasurer), Spence Koehn, 4th (Training), Stephanie Springer, 27th (Membership and Nominations), Brad Schuh, 3rd (Legislative), Brian Swenson 28th (Parliamentarian), Ryan Duckers, 29th (Secretary)


  • Reading/Review of the Minutes:

  • Chris Esquibel (29th), called the meeting to order.

  • Reading and review of October 2019 minutes.

  • Kelly Johnson (4th) moved to approve October 2019 minutes as submitted. Brad Schuh (3rd) seconded the motion. All in favor and motion approved.

  • Treasurer’s Report:

  • October 2019 Treasurer’s reports submitted with an ending balance of $56,030.86.

  • Spence Koehn (4th) moved to approve the Treasurer’s reports as submitted. Stephanie Springer (27th) seconded the motion. All in favor and motion approved.

  • Conference summary report is being prepared and will be ready by the meeting next month.


  • Training

  • Survey results were sent out and comments received were overall pretty good. Most complaints were about the food and opening presenter, but most comments about the training and hotel were positive.

  • Decided to look at going back to the Kansas Star for future conferences and Chris will reach out to them.

  • Spence provided an updated conference registration form that all agreed would probably be better to use in the future.

  • Spence advised that he spoke to the agent for Paul Long who we were looking to have as opening speaker for Spring 2021. His current cost is over $7,000 and we agreed that it was to expensive for just the keynote talk. Spence will reach back out to them to see if we could get him for the keynote and also a 2-3 hour morning session for the same price.

  • Spence spoke to the keynote speaker for the Spring 2020 conference regarding his fees. He indicated that he would like to be reimbursed for expenses (hotel and mileage), but that the board could determine what we wanted to pay him for the presentation. Discussed determining the amount based on how well his presentation goes.

  • Most contracts for the next conference are finalized.

  • Most presenters for the Fall 2020 conference are secured but contracts are still out.

  • Site Selection

  • Upcoming Conferences:

  • Fall 2019 – October 16 - 18 Kansas Star Casino – Mulvane, KS – Contract

  • Spring 2020 – April 15 – 17 – Drury Inn – Wichita, KS - Contract

  • Fall 2020 – October 21 -23 – Prairie Band Casino - Mayetta, KS – Contract

  • Spring 2021 – May 19-21 – Hilton Garden Inn - Manhattan, KS - Contract

  • Fall 2021 – October 13-15 - Drury Inn – Wichita, KS – Contract

  • Spring 2022 – April 6-8 – Hilton Garden Inn – Manhattan, KS – Contract

  • Fall 2022 – October 19-21 – Prairie Band Casino – Mayetta or Kansas Star Casino – Mulvane - pending

  • Legislative

  • The Criminal Justice Reform Commission meets again this coming Monday and will likely submit their recommendations at that time.

  • The Pre-Trial Task Force meets again next month.

  • The Juvenile Justice Oversight Committee Report was recently sent out.

  • Chief Judges will be meeting on 12/5 and 12/6 at which time the Weighted Workload study will be distributed and discussed.

  • Next Legislative meeting is on 1/21/2020 at 11:00 am in Topeka.

Public Relations

  • Continue to look for new vendors for conferences.

Membership and Nomination

  • KACSO membership registrations were recently sent out to all Chiefs.

  • Stephanie will send out an e-mail to the association regarding nominations for awards.


  • Nothing to report.


  • Raffle Update:

  • All raffle tickets are currently distributed out to members for sale and over 80 have been returned so far.

  • Stephanie will send another e-mail reminder out to the association regarding cutoff dates for return of sold and unsold tickets.

  • 40th Anniversary :

  • Chris and Brian are still looking at samples of zip-up hoodies for conference give-a-ways at the Fall 2020 conference.

  • Tom is gathering volunteers to form a planning committee for the 40th and so far has about 6-8 people interested.

  • Stephanie Springer (27th) moved to activate an Ad Hoc Committee to locate and invite former members and plan activities for the 40th Anniversary and to pay mileage to the members of the committee for 2 meetings should then need it. Kelly Johnson (4th) seconded the motion. All in favor and motion approved.



  • Committee will be meeting on 12/5/19 in Topeka to discuss the CSO II / Chief pay issue.

  • Electronic Registration for Conference:

  • Discussed the possibility of having member register for conferences through the KACSO website. Chris will speak with some people and look into how we can possibly get this working through the website.


  • Justice Luckert sent a letter to Chris thanking the association for inviting her to the conference banquet.

  • Chris also received an e-mail from Shawn Jurgensen advising the Justice Nuss was also very appreciative of the invitation and receiving recognition from the association.


  • $117.72 – Stephanie Springer (mileage)

  • $125.67 – Brian Swenson (mileage)

  • $17,565.99 – Kansas Star Casino (Fall 2019 conference)

  • $250.00 – CNA Surety (Bonding insurance)

  • Brad Schuh (3rd) moved to pay bills as submitted. Brian Swenson (28th) seconded the motion. All in favor and motion approved.


  • Continued work on updating the standing rules and Spence provided an edited and corrected copy.

  • Kelly Johnson (4th) moved to update and publish the standing rules. Stephanie Springer (27th) seconded the motion. All in favor and motion approved.


  • The next meeting will be on Thursday December 19th, 2019 at 10:00 am at the Topeka Public Library.


  • Spence Koehn (4th) moved to adjourn and Stephanie Springer (27th) seconded the motion. All in favor and meeting adjourned.

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