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February 2020 Minutes


February 20, 2020 at 10:00 am

Topeka Public Library

1515 SW. 10th Ave.

Topeka, KS 66604


  • Chris Esquibel, 29th (President), Tom Weishaar, 1st (Vice-President) Kelly Johnson, 4th (Treasurer), Spence Koehn, 4th (Training), Brad Schuh, 3rd (Legislative), Brian Swenson 28th (Parliamentarian), Ryan Duckers, 29th (Secretary)

  • Stephanie Springer, 27th (Membership and Nominations), Kelsey Cox, 27th (Public Relations) were both present by telephone.


  • Reading/Review of the Minutes:

  • Chris Esquibel (29th), called the meeting to order.

  • Reading and review of January 2020 minutes.

  • Stephanie Springer (27th) moved to approve January 2020 minutes as submitted. Spence Koehn (4th) seconded the motion. All in favor and motion approved.

  • Treasurer’s Report:

  • December and 4th Quarter Treasurer’s reports were submitted with an ending balance of $37,829.10. Ryan Duckers (29th) moved to approve the reports as submitted. Brian Swenson (28th) seconded the motion. All in favor and motion approved.

  • Kelly advised that it was time to complete the 2019 audit and advised that with board approval he would reach out to Jean Halula and Ruth Wheeler to conduct the audit.

  • Brad Schuh (3rd) moved to pay both Jean and Ruth $75.00 each plus mileage to conduct the audit. Spence Koehn (4th) seconded the motion. All in favor and motion approved.


  • Training

  • All contracts for the fall Spring conference have been returned and Spence has contacted the company that can provide AV for pricing etc.

  • Still waiting on some contracts for the Fall conference and things are also looking good for Spring 2021.

  • We have leftover conference give-a-ways and bags that will be used for a drawing for all conference attendees and will be conducted at the business meeting lunch.

  • Chris has sample sizes for the Fall conference give-a-way that will be available for people to try on at the Spring conference.

  • Kelsey looked into trivia night at a local business for entertainment and provided information. It was agreed to book the event. Discussion was had on available transportation for the event to and from the hotel. Kelsey agreed to reach back out to the companies she contacted to find out more information about price and ability to take multiple trips.

  • Tom is working with the Wichita Visitors Bureau for name tags, visitor guides etc.

  • Chris will reach out to the 18th JD about securing someone for the opening speaker.

  • Discussed future OJA sponsored trainings at KACSO conferences. Spence advised that he would put together a survey to find out interest from the association about these trainings at conferences.

  • Agreed to offer CSO 101 training at the Fall conference in a roundtable format.

  • Site Selection

  • Upcoming Conferences:

  • Spring 2020 – April 15 – 17 – Drury Inn – Wichita, KS - Contract

  • Fall 2020 – October 21 -23 – Prairie Band Casino - Mayetta, KS – Contract

  • Spring 2021 – May 19-21 – Hilton Garden Inn - Manhattan, KS - Contract

  • Fall 2021 – October 13-15 - Drury Inn – Wichita, KS – Contract

  • Spring 2022 – April 6-8 – Hilton Garden Inn – Manhattan, KS – Contract

  • Fall 2022 – October 19-21 – Prairie Band Casino – Mayetta or Kansas Star Casino – Mulvane – pending

  • Spring Conference Give-a-ways :

  • Brian advised that he tested out the power bank that we are considering and advised that it works well. Agreed to purchase the power banks for the Spring conference, but agreed to table how many to order until March 2020 meeting so that we have a more accurate number of conference attendees.

  • Legislative

  • The 2020 Legislative session has begun and some bills of note are as follows:

  • HB2496 – Regarding the Certificate of ID bill. Testimony was heard on 2/11 and it continues to progress.

  • HB2699 – Would require CSO’s to assist in CINC cases when ordered to do so by a Judge. Testimony was heard last week.

  • HB2505 – Would tweak SB367 with the return of sanctions after a certain amount of violations.

  • HB2708 – Enhanced diversion bill for types of criminal cases wherein the MOU would be between OJA and the County Attorney.

  • The first hearing on the Judicial budget request was yesterday in the House and will be on 3/6 in the Senate. The budget request includes enhancements to bring employee pay up to market value.

  • Next Legislative meeting is on 3/24/2020 at 11:00 am in Topeka.

Public Relations

  • Kelsey advised that vendor forms for the Spring conference have been sent out and she is waiting on responses.

Membership and Nomination

  • CSO of the year nominations are due in by 3/2/2020 and only two have been received at this time. Another e-mail will be sent out to the association in the next week as a reminder.


  • The CSO Specialist position is still open, but OJA advised that second interviews have been conducted and a decision should be coming soon.


  • 40th Anniversary :

  • Sample hoodies for the 40th Anniversary giveaway have come in and people will be able to try on and size at the Spring conference.

  • Workload Study:

  • Nothing new to report on.


  • Continued work with next meeting scheduled for tomorrow, 2/21/2020.


  • Regional Training Requests:

  • Kelly sent out the updated version of these forms to the board members. No additions or changes were suggested so the updated form will be posted on the website and used from here on.


  • Chris will be sending out conference invitations to OJA and legislators out of Sedgwick County.


  • $235.75 – Mike Smith (23rd) (mileage to Topeka for testimony on HB2496)

  • $135.00 – Tom Weishaar (mileage for last two meetings)

  • $129.92 – Brian Swenson (mileage for meeting today)

  • Kelly advised he paid raffle winners and also $893.18 to Sheepdog Outfitters for two firearm prizes.

  • Brad Schuh (3rd) moved to pay bills as submitted. Stephanie Springer (27th) seconded the motion. All in favor and motion approved.


  • Nothing new to report.


  • The next meeting will be on Thursday March 5, 2020 at 10:00 am at the Drury Inn Wichita, KS.


  • Kelly Johnson (4th) moved to adjourn and Tom Weishaar (1st) seconded the motion. All in favor and meeting adjourned.

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