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June 2019 Minutes


June 20, 2019 at 10:00am

Topeka Public Library

1515 SW 10th Ave.

Topeka, KS 66604


  • Chris Esquibel, 29th (President), Tom Weishaar, 1st (Vice-President), Kelly Johnson 4th (Treasurer), Spence Koehn, 4th (Training), Stephanie Springer, 27th (Public Relations), Ryan Duckers, 29th (Secretary), Brian Swenson 28th (Parliamentarian)


  • Reading/Review of the Minutes:

  • Chris Esquibel (29th), called the meeting to order.

  • Reading and review of April 2019 minutes. Minutes will be amended to reflect that Kelsey Cox (27th) seconded the motion to approve the Treasurer’s report.

  • Reading and review of May 2019 minutes.

  • Kelly Johnson (4th) moved to approve April 2019 minutes as corrected and May 2019 minutes as submitted. Spence Koehn (4th) seconded the motion. All in favor and motion approved.

  • Treasurer’s Report:

  • April 2019 Treasurer’s report submitted with an ending balance of $68,106.78.

  • Ryan Duckers (29th) moved to approve the Treasurers’ report as submitted. Tom Weishaar (1st) seconded the motion. All in favor and motion approved.

  • 2019 Spring Conference Summary reviewed and reflects a net loss of $373.31 on the conference. Payment of conference bill to the hotel will be reflected on the May Treasurer’s report.


  • Training

  • All contracts for the Fall 2019 conference have been received.

  • Still looking at the possibility of conducting a CSO 101 training session at the fall conference.

  • Most speakers for the Spring 2020 conference have been secured, but still looking for an opening speaker.

  • Discussed doing Karaoke and Cornhole tournament for Fall conference entertainment.

  • Discussed give-a-ways for the Fall conference and Brian Swenson (28th) agreed to look into possible options to present at the next board meeting.

  • There is a new contact person at the Hilton Garden Inn – Manhattan, KS who has reached out to Chris to discuss contracts.

  • Next Training Committee meeting will be in Topeka on 6/27/19.

  • Site Selection

  • Upcoming Conferences:

  • Fall 2019 – October 16 - 18 Kansas Star Casino – Mulvane, KS – Contract

  • Spring 2020 – April 15 – 17 – Drury Inn – Wichita, KS - Contract

  • Fall 2020 – October 21 -23 – Prairie Band Casino - Mayetta, KS – Contract

  • Spring 2021 – May 19-21 – Hilton Garden Inn - Manhattan, KS - Contract

  • Fall 2021 – October 13-15 - Drury Inn – Wichita, KS – Contract

  • Spring 2022 – April 6-8 or 27-29th – Hilton Garden Inn – Manhattan, KS – pending

  • Fall 2022 – October 19-21 – Prairie Band Casino – Mayetta or Kansas Star Casino – Mulvane - pending

  • Legislative

  • The Pre-Trial Task Force meeting took place on 6/14/19 and results were sent out via e-mail.

  • Speakers focused on bond issues, probation violations, pre-trial supervision and a push for adult reform.

  • Next Legislative meeting will be on 9/17/19 at 11:00.

  • Public Relations

  • Nothing new to report.

Membership and Nomination

  • Letters of intent for the upcoming election of open board positions are due by the end of July.

  • No letters of intent have been received from the membership at this time.


  • Patricia Henshall retired on 6/14/19. It is not yet known who will fill this position.

  • The focus group for the Workload Study continues to meet regularly.

  • Legislative Update will be happening in early July and will hopefully provide some clarification on changes resulting from SB 18.


  • Combined donations with other associations to host hospitality room at the Legislative Update in July.

  • Continued work on contacting current and past association members to help out with organizing things for the 40th Anniversary.

  • Stephanie Springer (27th) brought up questions about changes to the next KACSO raffle. Discussion had and agreed on the following :

  • The registration for the fall conference will include a section for association members to indicate if they will be participating in sales and how many tickets they would be willing to take.

  • Lowering the ticket price to $20.00 each, dropping the number of raffles back down to six and doing them over six consecutive weeks.

  • Cash prize will remain at $400.00.

  • $100.00 cash prize to the member who sells the most tickets.

  • Sending out e-mail to association prior to the raffle outlining topics that our lobbyist has helped accomplish.

  • Also discussed was the possibility of doing an additional drawing as a raffle incentive for members who sell tickets in certain increments i.e. 5, 10, 15, 20.


  • Received an invitation to meet with Governor Kelly in Topeka on 6/28/19 for signing of Probation and Parole week proclamation. 10 people can attend and board members were asked to reach out to other members to attend.

  • OJA finished construction of a new conference room that is available to reserve for meetings, trainings etc. Contact OJA to reserve dates and times. Chris Esquibel advised the room is known as the “Chief II Conference Room”

  • Leavenworth County is hosting a NE Regional PSI round table training on 8/20/19 at 9:30am. Members of the Sentencing Commission will be presenting and answering questions. Kelly Johnson is invited to attend this training despite efforts by Chris Esquibel to get him univited.


  • Nothing new to report.


  • $164.85 – Retirement gift cards for Jim Cyphers, Rita Adam and Susan Clasen

  • $40.00 – Annual registration with Kansas Secretary of State's Business Services Division for non-profit entity.

  • $500.00 – Initial deposit for Fall 2020 presenter Curtis The Mentalist.

  • $202.50 – Tom Weishaar (Mileage to board meetings and rural caucus lunches)

  • $173.76 – Stephanie Springer (Mileage)

  • $122.08 – Brian Swenson (Mileage)

  • Ryan Duckers (29th) moved to pay bills as submitted. Spence Koehn (4th) seconded the motion. All in favor and motion approved.


  • Discussed updates to Standing Rules. Rules updated and approved. (See attached copy for updates.)


  • The next meeting with be on Thursday July 18th, 2019 at 10:00 am at the Emporia Courthouse.


  • Stephanie Springer moved to adjourn and Spence Koehn (4th) seconded the motion. All in favor and meeting adjourned.

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