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February 15th, 2018 10:00am

Shawnee County Library

1515 SW 10th Ave.

Topeka, KS 66604


  • Chris Esquibel 29th (President); Spence Koehn, 4th (Parliamentarian); Kelly Johnson, 4th (Treasurer); Brad Schuh 3rd (Legislative); Carly Feldhausen 3rd (Training); Stephanie Springer, 27th (Membership and Nominations); Ryan Duckers 29th Secretary


  • Reading/Review of the Minutes:

  • Chris Esquibel (29th) calls the meeting to order

  • Review of January 2018 minutes. Corrections were made to the original sent out. Kelly Johnson (4th) moves to approve the minutes as submitted and Carly Feldhausen (3rd) seconds the motion. All in favor and motion to accept minutes approved.

  • Treasurer’s Report – Kelly Johnson (4th):

  • Lobbyist Update

  • To date, $18,200 has been deposited as a result of raffle sales.

  • December 2017 and 4th Quarter Treasurer’s Report

  • Submitted with an ending balance of $24,741.28.

  • Spence Koehn (4th) moves to approve the reports as submitted and Carly Feldhausen (3rd) seconds the motion. All in favor and motion approved.

  • Yearly Audit

  • Kelly has e-mailed both Ruth and Jean about conducting the audit but was waiting for response. Chris advised that he spoke to Jean and she agreed to do it. Date needs to be scheduled.


  • Training – Carly Feldhausen (3rd):

  • Spring Conference:

  • Tyler Technology indicated that they are not available to present at the Spring conference. Chris is going to reach out to them again to see if they can come for even a small amount of time to so that CSO’s can get an idea of the new system that will be implemented.

  • Judge Fleetwood was asked and has agreed to do the welcome at spring conference. Need to check back with Sedgwick Co. about doing the introduction.

  • Chris will reach out to Tom about getting someone for the presentation of the colors.

  • Will add info regarding hotel hospitality night to the conference booklet.

  • Agreed to do the 50/50 pot again and hold the drawing on Friday morning at breakfast.

  • Agreed to use 5 KACSO tumblers as prizes at the conference for session attendance.

  • Decided to not rent a shuttle for evening transportation.

  • Hospitality room will be Wednesday from 7pm – 10pm and Thursday from 8pm- 10pm

  • Menus were distributed and agreed that Stephanie would look at the options in the next week and send out recommendations.

  • Mike Clark will be presenting at the conference and has asked if the board is willing to waive conference fees or pay him mileage.

  • Upcoming Conferences:

  • Fall 2018 Prairie Band Casino – Mayetta, KS October 17-19 (Contract)

  • Spring 2019 Four Points – Manhattan, KS April 10-12 (Contract )

  • Fall 2019 – Still looking at possible options. Site visit will be done at the KS Star Casino in Mulvane following the board meeting on 3/8/18.

  • Legislative - Brad Schuh (3rd):

  • Committee met earlier in the week and discussed some new bills that will be introduced.

  • Possible increase in penalties for Vehicular Manslaughter.

  • Hearing on SB 367 regarding JV detention

  • Looking at lowering penalties on Marijuana laws and doing away with registration for drug offenders.

  • Possibility directing some money from SB 123 to diversion programs

  • Justice Nuss advised that the budget request has been pushed on to full committee for a vote.

  • Lunch with the Rural Caucus went well and Mike Clark did an excellent job of speaking.

  • Next meeting is scheduled for 3/13/18.

  • Public Relations - :

  • Continued work on securing vendors for the spring conference.

  • No other news

  • Membership and Nomination - Stephanie Springer (27th):

  • Stephanie advised that she has received 4 or 5 nominations for CSO of the year award. Nominations are due on 2/22. Will vote on the nominations at the next board meeting in March.


  • No Updates


  • KACSO Raffle Fundraiser:

  • As of this day, all but 16 tickets have been sold. Those tickets have already been re-sent for sale with indications that they are sold.

  • Only one ticket is unaccounted for at this time, but all money is accounted for.

  • First drawing to be held at the end of February

  • Weighted Caseload Study:

  • The study starts on 2/26 and will run for 5 weeks. A memo is being sent out regarding the dates and times for the training webinars which will be offered the week prior to the 26th.

  • E-Courts

  • Discussed phase training across the state.


  • Nothing new


  • Chris to send out conference invitations to OJA and members of the legislature.


  • $177.90 – Stephanie Springer (Mileage and Postage)

  • $60.99 – Mike Clark ( Mileage to Topeka for Rural Caucus)

  • Spence Koehn (4th) moves to pay all bills as submitted. Brad Schuh (3rd) seconds the motion. All in favor and none opposed. Motion approved.


  • Have been updated and posted on the website. Need to also post the By-Laws and Constitution as well as update the board members on the KACSO website.


  • The next meeting with be on March 8th, 2018 at 10:00 in Wichita, KS


  • Stephanie Springer (27th) moves to adjourn the meeting and Carly Feldhausen (3rd) seconds the motion. All in favor and Motion approved.

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