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July 20th, 2017 10:00am

530 Richards Dr.

Manhattan, KS 66502


  • Chris Esquibel, 29th (President), Tom Weishaar, 1st (Vice-President), Spence Koehn, 4th (Parliamentarian), Kelly Johnson, 4th (Treasurer); Carly Feldhausen, 3rd (Training); Brad Schuh, 3rd (Legislative); Stephanie Springer, 27th (Membership/Nominations); and Ryan Duckers, 29th (Secretary)

  • Kelsey Cox, 18th (Public Relations) – Via Conference Call


  • Reading/Review of the Minutes:

  • President, Chris Esquibel (29th), called the meeting to order.

  • Minutes from June Executive Board Meeting were taken by Chris but have not been formally typed up. Minutes for June and July meetings will be available for review and approval at August meeting

  • Treasurer’s Report – Kelly Johnson (4th):

  • Lobbyist Update

  • Current balance of Lobbyist dues is $5,604.00. Balance this time last year was $10,458.00

  • May Treasurer’s Report

  • Report was sent out with an ending balance of $39,270.31


  • Training – Carly Feldhausen (3rd):

  • Upcoming Conferences:

  • Fall 2017 Marriott Junction City, KS on October 18-20 (Contract)

  • Dinner and Social hour will be done Wednesday. Hospitality room will be open on Thursday.

  • Entertainment possibilities discussed and agreed that we would set up a Corn hole tournament for Thursday evening and entry form will be sent with conference registration.

  • Registration will be set up in the entry to the convention center.

  • Tom Weishaar agreed to speak to open conference.

  • Reservations are due by 9/18 but Carly will call hotel to see if deadline can be pushed back to the end of September to coincide with conference registration deadline.

  • Spring 2018 Holiday Inn – Wichita, KS in April 4-6 (Contract)

  • Fall 2018 Prairie Band Casino – Mayetta, KS October 18-20 (Contract)

  • Spring 2019 Manhattan, KS:

  • Toured the hotel and reviewed possible contract with the hotel staff.

  • Motion : Spence Koehn, 4th moves that the board move forward on the hotel contract for Spring 2019. Kelly Johnson, 4th seconds the motion. All in favor and motion approved.

  • Legislative – Brad Schuh (3rd):

  • General Update – Brad will be meeting with the lobbyist in the next month to talk about the direction that we want to go for the upcoming legislative session. The next legislative meeting is set for September 19th.

  • Lobbyist – Steve is open to meetings and will be reaching out to Justice Rosen in the near future.

  • Public Relations - Kelsey Cox (18th):

  • Membership forms will be going out in early August

  • Conference registrations forms will go out the middle of August.

  • Still reaching out to possible vendors for conferences.

  • Membership and Nomination - Stephanie Springer (27th):

  • Executive Board Nominations:

  • All letters of interest for the upcoming elections have been received. Ballots will be put together at the August board meeting and sent out to the association at that time.

  • Requested that Kelsey send out the letters of intent to the association

  • Discussed trying to secure a Judge at upcoming conference to swear in newly elected members.


  • Discussed Chris Mechler retiring in March of next year and the possibility of doing a presentation for her at the upcoming conference in the fall.

  • Plans for a doing a CSO weighted caseload study in the fall of this year.


  • CSO Advisory Committee:

  • Has been discussing changes to the OJA 51 report regarding things like adding UA’s to the report. Still in work and changes will not likely happen for a couple of months.

  • OJA Training Committee:

  • No news

  • YLS Working Group:

  • Has not made any real progress lately, but plans are to get started up again in the next couple of months.

  • Raffle :

  • Board is ok on moving forward with the gun raffle to help support lobbyist funding. Reaching out to association members who have done this in the past and requesting volunteers for a workgroup to lay out specifics and rules. Discussed the need to get the specifics hammered out as quickly as possible so that we can hopefully have it ready by the upcoming conference.

  • Vendors :

  • Made standing rule at last meeting regarding no refunds of vendor registrations fees 14 days prior to the conference.


  • No new business


  • Chris sent target gift card to Shorey Berlin, 10th for retirement gift

  • Chris tried submitting letter to the Governor regarding recognition of Probation and Parole week. With the help of the lobbyist, a proclamation was submitted and will be signed by the Governor next week with board members invited to attend.


  • $50.00 Target Gift Card (Shorie Berlin, (10th) retirement)

  • $108.00 mileage Tom Weishaar (1st)

  • $140.17 mileage Stephanie Springer (27th)

  • $21.79 Kelly Johnson (4th) (Ice for hospitality room at legislative update)

  • Spence Koehn (4th) moved to pay all bills as submitted. Brad Schuh (3rd) seconded the motion. All in favor and motion approved.


  • No new business


  • The next meeting with be on August 10th, 2017 at 10:00am in Emporia, KS.


  • Stephanie Springer(27th) made a motion to adjourn, Carly Feldhausen (3rd) seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion approved.

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