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April 12, 2016 – 2:00 p.m.

Drury Plaza

400 W. Douglas Ave. Wichita, KS 67202

AVI Private Dining Room


  • Chris Esquibel, 29th (Interim President), Tom Weishaar, 1st (Vice-President), Jennifer Fogg, 1st (Secretary), Spence Koehn, 4th (Parliamentarian), Mike Clark, 21st (Training), Kelsey Cox, 18th (Interim Public Relations); Kelly Johnson, 4th (Treasurer); Cody McArthur, 3rd (Legislative)

  • Stephanie Springer, 27th (Membership/Nominations) was not in attendance


  • Reading/Review of the Minutes:

  • The Interim President, Chris Esquibel (29th), called the meeting to order.

  • Mike Clark (21st) made a motion to approve the minutes for the February 18, 2016 and March 17, 2016 board meeting, and Cody McArthur (3rd) second the motion; motion carried 8-0.

  • Treasurer’s Report – Kelly Johnson (4th):

  • The budget at the end of February 2016 was $54,294.88, and the budget at the end of March 2016 and the end of the 1st quarter was $56,596.34.

  • An audit was completed by Ruth Wheeler (Court Administrator 5th) and Jean Halula-Dermann (29th) on March 29, 2016 and no issues were reported.

  • Ruth Wheeler was paid $134.40 for the audit, and was reimbursed $75.00 plus mileage.

  • Jean Halula-Dermann was paid $133.32 for the audit, and was reimbursed $75.00 plus mileage.

  • The lobbyist contribution total is $7,360.00.

  • Cody McArthur (3rd) made a motion to approve the February 2016, March 2016 and 1st quarter reports; Kelsey Cox (18th) second; motion carried 8-0.


  • Training – Mike Clark (21st):

  • 2016 Spring Conference:

  • $12,634.28 was spent for training costs, and another $810.00 for AV costs.

  • Upcoming Conferences:

  • Fall 2016 at the Holiday Inn in Overland Park on October 19-21 is under contract.

  • Spring 2017 at Prairie Band on April 19-21 is under contract.

  • Fall 2017 at the Junction City Marriott on October 18-20 in under contract.

  • Legislative - Cody McArthur (3rd):

  • SB367 - Justice Workgroup

  • The bill was signed yesterday by Governor Brownback.

  • HB2725 - KPERS:

  • This bill is likely dead, as the Chair has no intentions to work this bill.

  • SB503 – Consolidation:

  • This bill is dead, but is projected to return next year. DOC stated that they are starting to plan what they will submit for next year.

  • OJA was asked what their stance on this bill would be, and they stated that they wanted to wait and see what the Justices were going to do.

  • The board agreed that they would like to meet with OJA and the Justices to see what action Court Services should take, and possibly creating a committee to start forming a plan of action.

  • SB65 - Carrying of Firearms:

  • This bill has passed the Senate, and will more than likely pass the House.

  • HB2049 – Marijuana:

  • The House and the Senate have their own versions of how they would like this bill to read. The bill will have to enter the Conference Committee so an agreement between the House and Senate can be reached.

  • HB2463 (Allow Certain Juvenile Adjudications Decay from Criminal History):

  • Jeff Hokinson (10th) provided testimony on this bill, and a lot of his recommended changes were made.

  • SB393 (Consideration of Domestic Abuse in Determining the Issue of Custody, Residency and Parenting Time of a Child):

  • This bill has passed out of the Senate and has moved to the House.

  • Next Legislative Meeting:

  • April 19, 2016 at 11:00am in Topeka.

  • Public Relations – Kelsey Cox (18th):

  • Website:

  • Go Daddy has KACSO’s domain name and needs to renew. The cost is $16.99 and will need to be paid by June 6, 2016.

  • Mike Clark (21st) made a motion to pay the $16.99 to renew KACSO’s domain name, and Spence Koehn (4th) second; motion carried 8-0.

  • Kelsey Cox (18th) will speak with district vendors regarding paying the annual fee to have their information posted on KACSO’s website.

  • Membership and Nomination – Stephanie Springer (27th)

  • Nominations:

  • The nominations for President; Treasurer; Training Chair; Parliamentarian; and Public Relations will need to be taken during the conference business meeting on April 14, 2016; and will continue until July 31, 2016.


  • No Update


  • CSO Advisory Board – Manuals, LSIR Workgroup:

  • A meeting was held in Topeka last week.

  • Went over SB367, and OJA will be putting together a summary of the bill to pass out to all the district chiefs. Not sure when this will be completed.

  • CYZAP:

  • The online LSIR and SV will go out to select districts in June 2016.

  • The statute choices have been narrowed down.

  • Collaborative Legislative Group:

  • A meeting will be held on May 18, 2016.

  • OJA Training Committee (Education Needs Assessment Focus Group):

  • Chiefs will be getting an update on training soon.


  • Stephanie Bunton and Helen Pedigo with OJA will be at conference April 13-14, 2016, and Patricia Henshaw and Justice Rosen with OJA will be at conference on April 14, 2016.

  • The KACSO Board will be putting money towards conference happy hour on Thursday night from 5-10pm. The board agreed that they would cover house brand liquor and domestic beer only, and the tab will be $500.00. Once $500.00 is met, the board should be notified and will consider upping the amount.

  • The conference 50/50 raffle money will be counted by KACSO Board members every night, and will be kept in a locked bag up at the front desk. A hotel staff member will pull the winning ticket.

  • Mike Clark (21st) requested for the KACSO Board to consider funding his self-defense training. 3 days of training would cost $450.00, and for 5 days of training it would cost $1,000.00. The certification would be valid for 3 years.

  1. MOTION: Cody McArthur (3rd) made the motion that KACSO would pay $750.00 for Mike Clark (21st) to attend the NLETC training if co-sponsored by the 21st District, and that Mike Clark (21st) provide free training for KACSO members and for 1 KACSO conference per year for as long as he is certified.

  • Kelly Johnson (4th) second the motion; motion carried – 4 members in favor and 2 abstained.


  • Terry Morgan (5th) and Kathleen Reith (10th) sent the KACSO Board a thank you card.


  • Trophies and Awards:

  • $71.85 was spent for the CSO award.

  • $134.13 was spent on quill, certificate paper, sessions and nametags.

  • $42.62 was spent at Staples for invitation paper.

  • $49.00 was spent at US Postal.

  • Mileage:

  • $136.80 in mileage for Chris Esquibel (29th) to attend Terry Morgan’s retirement party on behalf of KACSO.

Mike Clark (21st) moved and Spence Koehn (4th) seconded to pay all bills as submitted. Motion carried 8-0.


  • No Update


  • May 19, 2016 in Junction City, KS.


  • Tom Weishaar (1st) made a motion to adjourn, Kelsey Cox (18th) seconded. Motion carried 8-0.

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