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May 13, 2015

Club House Inn, Topeka, KS

PRESENT: Chris Esquibel, 29th (Interim President), Tom Weishaar, 1st (Interim Vice-President), Erin Engelken, 9th (Secretary), Kelly Johnson, 4th (Treasurer), Spence Koehn, 4th (Parliamentarian), Mike Clark, 21st (Training), Kathleen Rieth, 10th (Legislative), Kelsey Cox, 18th, (Interim Public Relations), and Stephanie Springer (Interim Membership/Nominations) via phone.

Interim President Chris Esquibel, (29th) called the meeting to order. Mike Clark (21st) made a motion to approve the minutes from April 21, 2015 board meeting. Kelly Johnson (4th) seconded, motion carried 8-0.

TREASURER: Kelly Johnson (4th) reported the contributions for the lobbyist to date are $6,340.00. Kelly reported Kevin Murray (21st) has turned in KACSO debit card with his name on it & it has been destroyed. Chris Esquibel will be given a debit card for the KACSO account and Tom Weishaar will need to sign the signature card at the bank to become an authorized user on the account.

TRAINING: Mike Clark (21st) distributed the schedule for fall 2015 conference. Mike reported the key note speaker is set. Chris Esquibel will email Chief CSOs regarding the need for SASSI training at the fall 2015 conference. The board reviewed the survey results.


Chris Esquibel (29th) advised the contracts for KACSO conferences for the next two years are set. The board will look at completing a site visit to Junction City in the fall.


OJA: Chris Mechler & Mark Gleeson from OJA were present during a portion of the board meeting. Chris advised the LSI-R working group selected a vendor for the web-based LSI-R. The vendor will work with the division of purchasers regarding a contract. Chris anticipated it could be 30 weeks until the program is operational.

Chris reported University of Cincinnati has scheduled two trainings this summer, June 2nd or 3rd in Topeka & June 23rd or 24th in Wichita.

LSI-R scoring training is pending. Rules can be modified to extend the training deadline.

Chris reported University of Cincinnati has hired another person to view YLS videos. Chris advised there is not any wording in the statute specifying certification is required to conduct a YLS on an offender.

Chris advised MHS has advised KDOC on rules for the LSI-R. KDOC has advised they are looking at items with the intention of changing them to conform to the scoring guide.

Chris reported HB 2051 is eliminating target population. The statute preserves all Labette Conservation Camp completions, DUI’s and some subcategories. Offenders who score moderate to high will be supervised by Community Corrections. Offenders scoring 24 or higher on the LSI-R will be supervised by Community Corrections. The bill is effective upon publications. Chris will obtain clarification if the bill is based on date of conviction or date of offense.

Chris reported a bill to decrease marijuana penalties was tacked onto a bill regarding hemp oil & medical marijuana. The bill was too big of an issue for the legislators to tackle this session; it has been put off until next year. The scrap metal bill increases the penalties and will subsequently place more offenders on supervision.

Chris reported the House passed the judicial branch budget with 5 million less than requested, no raises, no change in current vacancies.

Mark Gleeson reported he received the sex offender survey results back from Chief CSOs. He reported there are 36 juvenile sex offenders being supervised by Court Services. The Pugh Foundations & Criminal Justice Institute is collecting data on sex offenders. Mark reported they are interested in the crime of conviction and the length of probation. Mark stated Justice Nuss is very interested in the project. Mark advised there may be some focus groups.

Mark encouraged CSOs to communicate with their legislators. Mark stated OJA cannot lead a legislative effort, it has to come from the Court. Mark expressed that an issue will never be just a court services issues. He advised efforts have to be branch wide. He is not opposed to asking for more money from the legislators, but has to be branch wide to be supported by the Court and OJA.

Mark advised the last couple of years the court has been fighting to keep the doors open. Mark advised the Court has funding until June 30th, after that date Mark is unsure of the funding. Mark stated the House passed a pretty clean budget for the Judicial Branch, he is not sure of the Senate version.

Mark was asked to discuss with Nancy looking at CSOs duties and the possibility of reclassifying. Mark advised the Court makes decisions about business practices at the administrative conference. They meet monthly except July. Mark stated if the Court approves looking at CSO duties OJA could apply for a grant through the National Center for Courts.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Chris Esquibel (29th) advised the Dream Host web site is up for renewal. The board discussed how to proceed regarding the web site. Decision was tabled until next board meeting.

MEMBERSHIP AND NOMINATING: Stephanie Springer’s (27th) reported via telephone. Stephanie reported she has had two inquiries regarding Membership/Nominations board position. Stephanie has expressed interest in moving to the secretary position on the board. As of today, she has not received any inquires or letters of interest for Vice-President, Secretary or Legislative. Kathleen Rieth (10th) advised she has been speaking to other members of the legislative committee. Chris Esquibel (29th) directed Kelsey Cox (18th) to send out another notice to the membership in early/mid June about the vacancies. Stephanie will provide Kelsey with a letter to send out to the membership.

OLD BUSINESS: The board discussed the lobbyist survey results. The vote was overwhelmingly to retain the lobbyist. The results were 204 for the lobbyist; 50 against the lobbyist and 80 no responses. The board did express communication with the legislative committee needs to increase.

Patrick Vogelsberg from Kearney and Associates met with the board. Patrick asked for clarification regarding the authority of the legislative committee. Patrick advised the board needs to determine if the legislative committee has authority to make decision regarding legislation or if they are just vetted. They give an opinion, but do not have authority to move forward without board approval. Patrick encouraged the board to have a contact person as legislation can move very quickly and they may need an answer immediately. The board discussed the membership elected the board to represent their best interests. Patrick discouraged the board from joining with another agency, the waters could become muddy. The board discussed the need to have a legislative chairperson.

Mike Clark (21st) moved to retain the lobbyist. Tom Weishaar (1st) seconded. Motion carried 9-0.

Emails from Kevin Emerson (28th) and Gail Antenen (24th) were distributed to board members. Fundraising was tabled. Board members are concerned about the appearance the association would make if it were to raffle guns.

NEW BUSINESS: Chris Esquibel (29th) welcomed new board members, Tome Weishaar (1st) and Kelsey Cox (18th). Chris advised the CSO of the Year, Chuck Williams will be attending APPA.

CORRESPONDENCE: Chris Esquibel (29th) advised the board he attended meet and greet sessions with Nancy Dixon, Justice Rosen and Justice Nuss.


Erin Engelken (9th) submitted a bill for $157.82 for mileage and toll to/from the executive board meeting.

Kelsey Cox (18th) submitted a bill for $291.38 for mileage and toll to/from the executive board meeting.

Chris Esquibel (29th) submitted a bill for $50.00 for room rental at Club House Inn.

Kelly Johnson (4th) submitted a bill for $100.47 to Jason’s Deli for board members lunch.

Chris Esquibel (29th) submitted a bill for $250.00 for APPA annual membership dues.

Mike Clark (21st ) moved and Spence Koehn (4th) seconded to pay all bills as submitted. Motion carried 8-0.


Kathleen Rieth (10th) made a motion to adjourn, Spence Koehn (4th) seconded. Motion carried 8-0.

The next meeting of the KACSO Executive Board will be the business meeting on June 11, 2015 at 10:00am in Junction City.

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