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March 12, 2015

Holiday Inn, Lawrence, KS

PRESENT: Kevin Murray, 21st (President), Chris Esquibel, 29th (Interim Vice-President), Erin Engelken, 9th (Secretary), Kelly Johnson, 4th (Treasurer), Spence Koehn, 4th (Parliamentarian), Mike Clark, 21st (Training), Kathleen Rieth, 10th (Legislative), Nicki Taylor Morris, 12th, (Public Relations), Stephanie Springer, via phone, 27th (Interim Membership & Nominations).

President Kevin Murray, (21st) called the meeting to order. Kathleen Rieth (10th ) made a motion to approve the minutes from February 12, 2015 conference call and February 25, 2015 board meeting. Chris Esquibel (29th) seconded, motion carried 9-0.

TREASURER: Kelly Johnson (4th) emailed treasurer report to board members. The balance at the end of January 2015 was $50,590.63. Kelly reported as of today, KACSO has 341 paid members. Contributions to the lobbyist for 2015 are $4,965.00.

Kelly reported the peer audit will take place on April 9, 2015 in Ottawa. Ruth Wheeler (Court Administrator, 5th) and Jean Halula-Dermann (CSO III, 29th) will complete the audit.

Kelly advised Nikki Davenport has been removed from the bank account and Chris Esquibel has been added.

Mike Clark (21st) moved to accept the treasurer report. Spence Koehn (4th) seconded, motion carried 9-0.

Spence Koehn (4th) moved to pay Ruth Wheeler and Jean Halula-Dermann $75.00 plus mileage to complete the peer audit. Chris Esquibel (29th) seconded, motion carried 9-0.

TRAINING: No report


Kevin Murray (21st) advised the contracts for KACSO conferences at the Holiday Inn in Overland Park and Prairie Band in Mayetta have been finalized.


Kathleen Rieth (10th) advised Chris Mechler (OJA )testified on the YLS and the battery bill that included CSOs.

Kathleen reviewed the following bills:

  • SB 20 increases the penalties for residential burglary

  • SB 157 modification to CINC code regarding medicating a child

  • SB 159: LEO placing a child in protective custody if he believes a drug crime was committed with a child present

  • SB 214 human trafficking

  • SB 219 Reporting of abuse

  • SB 252 toxic vapors

  • HB 2014 domestic battery, CSO required to report

  • HB 2056 eliminates target populations

  • HB 2336 use of YLS required

  • HB 2382 Juvenile placement at a JCF, particular to juveniles waived to adult status.

Kathleen advised consolidation has been brought up again.

The 8th judicial district advised they have been using the SASSI and find it beneficial to supervision of offenders.

OJA: No report.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Nicki Taylor-Morris advised the board she is resigning at the conclusion of the spring conference in Lawrence.

Nicki recommended that if the membership is in favor of retaining the lobbyist, then the board should pursue a website if not, she recommended a Facebook page be started to promote training. The board decided to table the website issue at this time.

Nicki advised at this time she has received 2 registered vendors for the spring conference in Lawrence.

MEMBERSHIP AND NOMINATING: Stephanie Springer (27th) advised she received 4 nominations for awards. The nominations are Sherry Harter (2nd); Julie Whitney (5th); Denise Armstrong (29th) and Chuck Williams (10th). Discussion occurred. Mike Clark (21st) moved to award Julie Whitney (5th) Distinguished Service recipient and Chuck Williams (10th) Outstanding CSO of the year. Nicki Taylor-Morris seconded, motion carried 9-0.

OLD BUSINESS: The board discussed the future of the lobbyist. Mike Clark (21st) will craft questions to be placed on survey monkey regarding support or non-support of retaining the lobbyist services to be completed by the membership.

Nicki Taylor-Morris (12th) advised although she will not be a board member, she is willing to oversee a raffle if the board proceeds with a fundraiser.

Kevin Murray (21st) advised electronic LSIR bids have closed.

NEW BUSINESS: Kevin Murray (21st) advised he sent email invitations to the Supreme Court and OJA staff.

Kevin Murray (21st) advised he is resigning as President of KACSO effective at the conclusion of the spring conference in Lawrence. Chris Esquibel (29th) advised he will fill in until a new president is elected.

Nominations for the board positions of Vice-President; Secretary; Legislative; and Membership & Nominations will be taken at the business meeting in Lawrence. Letters of intent will be due July 31, 2015. Members interested in the interim positions of President and Public Relations will need to send letters of interest to the board no later than Friday May 1, 2015.


Kevin Murray (21st) he received a thank you from Dale McFarland’s family.


Erin Engelken (9th) submitted a bill for $187.20 for mileage and toll to/from the executive board meeting.

Mike Clark (21st) submitted a bill for $86.20 for mileage to/from the executive board meeting and testifying in Topeka for a legislative bill.

Kathleen Rieth (10th) moved and Chris Esquibel (29th) seconded to pay all bills as submitted. Motion carried 9-0.


Kathleen Rieth (10th) made a motion to adjourn, Chris Esquibel (29th) seconded. Motion carried 9-0.

The next meeting of the KACSO Executive Board will be April 21, 2015 at 2:00pm in Lawrence.

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